Holiday Lighting Specialist

The Fun Firm, LLC performs professional holiday lighting services for clients throughout the Greater Houston Area. We have built our reputation as being fair, friendly, and dependable professionals. We specialize in all types of residential installations, from the sweet grandmother next door to the multi-million dollar mansions. Our skilled installers are the best in the business. We have the vision and expertise to layout the perfect lighting display for your home, family, and budget.


Our total package is second to none. We offer CUSTOM DESIGNS using quality COMMERCIAL GRADE materials. Each project is fully inclusive and covers MATERIALS, MAINTENANCE, and REMOVAL.


Let’s work together to bring your friends, family, or customers together under the enchantment of lights.

It all starts with an idea.

Set up an appointment today and our friendly design team will show you the light!


The first step is to contact us by giving us a ring or an email. Our friendly representatives will get a general idea of what you’d like and walk you through the whole process.

Based on the information we receive, (i.e. Property Size, Type of Display, Scope of Installation) we will give you an over the phone estimate.

If the estimate is within your budget, we will schedule an appointment with our designers and get this ball of fun rolling!


Next, a jolly Design Expert will arrive with a portfolio and samples to help inspire you and to make your ideas come to life.

Together, we will collaborate ideas and give you suggestions to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Once a design and price is determined we will  proceed to transform your home into a winter wonderland!


A team of highly trained Christmas Brothers will arrive and the transformation begins!

All technicians are trained on strict policies to ensure absolutely no negative impact on the property.

Installations can take anywhere from 2 -8 hours, however it is not necessary for the home owner to be present the entire time.

Once the project is completed we will fully explain how everything works. (Don’t worry, we make it very simple!)

Follow-Up & Removal

We promise a perfectly operating display. Periodically, a friendly representative will check in to ensure everything is operating properly.

If, for any reason, your lighting display is not working properly, please contact us and we will make resolving the issue our priority.


The quoted price includes REMOVAL.